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Grand Canyon's North vs South Rim

Grand Canyon: North vs South Rim

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited the Grand Canyon no less than three times and coming all the way from Australia, this is no mean feat. I rarely go back to the same place twice but when it comes to the world’s largest canyon is it any wonder why so many others return time and again. It’s not enough to get your photos out and reminisce because none of them do it justice. You just have to stand there and let your jaw drop in a stunned mullet fashion, take a zillion photos, look at another vantage point and ogle some more and more until the sun goes down and you just can’t see it any longer. So get up extra specially early to ogle at it some more before you really, really have to leave to get to your next destination. By the way. this blog is also dedicated to my friend who got Las Vegas fever and never quite made it to this world famous icon because she was too “under the weather”. Continue reading