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Planning a Budget Family Holiday to Vietnam

Born With a Suitcase is specifically aimed at enabling ordinary families to travel on a budget which means going to your destination fully independent.  An organised tour will cost you double the price and you won’t have complete control over where you go and what you do.  An independent trip is fully customisable however, the planning process can be daunting, not to mention arduous, yet hugely rewarding and exciting. Continue reading

Cycling in Singapore

Mention Singapore and immediately images of skyscrapers and frenetic shoppers come to mind. With its population of about 100 fishermen and subsistence farmers Pulau Ubin is in stark contrast and remains the last bastion of kampong or village life in Singapore. The pulau or island has so far managed to evade the developers. Many city-bound Singaporeans go there looking for off the beaten track adventure, unheard of on the mainland. It’s also a great escape for any visitor wanting to flee the fast paced shop until you drop syndrome. Continue reading

Orphanage Tourism in Cambodia

080923 0903 Dawn at Angkor WatIf you love travelling on a budget, then third world countries are often on the hit list, especially Asia. Incorporating responsible travel into your itinerary and seeing local communities benefit from tourism and generally improving lives is wonderful. Adrianne Yzerman retells of her guilt and horror upon discovering she may have unwittingly contributed to the exploitation of children on a trip to Cambodia. Her journey commences from simply being a tourist looking at temples to delving further beneath the surface, revealing a dark side to Cambodia’s burgeoning tourism industry. In hindsight, she provides some helpful advice on how people can make a positive difference when visiting Cambodia. Continue reading