Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

As our nation’s birthday is upon us I am reflecting on what I love most about the country I call home.  The freedoms we enjoy and the lifestyle we lead, all made possible due to the sacrifices of our diggers, makes Australians some of the luckiest people on the planet.

There are so many facets to our landscape, from the dusty outback to the tropics it can be difficult to choose a favourite spot but one thing is for sure we are girt by sea and I’m going to draw your attention to my most favourite place. It has the world’s whitest beaches. Many are so rugged and remote that it is entirely possible to have a whole beach to yourself during peak holiday season in the Australian summer.

Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

Cheyne’s Beach

With the sand so fine that it squeaks as you sink your bare feet into it and with icing sugar texture as it seeps through your toes.  The crystal clear bedazzling blue ocean is mesmerising and one can never tire of its restorative powers.  The coastline of which I speak is the South Coast of Western Australia and it hugs the Southern Ocean between Cape Leeuwin and Eucla.  There are so many jewels in the crown along this startling area that it is impossible to name them all here. 

Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

Lucky Bay, Esperance

The remoteness of Cape Arid, Kangaroos at Lucky Bay Esperance, Hopetoun, Bremer Bay, Cheynes Beach, Nanarup Beach, Gull Rock, Mutton Bird Island, Cosy Corner, Shelley Beach, Green’s Pool, Peaceful Bay, Walpole, D’Entrecastreaux National Park, Augusta are just some of my favourites.  However, my all time most favourite place in the whole world (now that’s a big call, I know!) is a place called Emu Point in Albany.  Of course, I am looking at this place through nostalgic coloured glasses as this is the place where my parents used to take me, this is the place where my husband’s parents took him, this is the place where we take our children, this is the place where we meet all our friends during holiday season.

Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

Nannerup Beach

Sleepy Emu Point has not changed much over the years and it’s this very fact which retains its sleepy sea side charms.  The two caravan parks are still there and so far they have not been built out by modern apartment blocks that are out of reach of the average family budget.  The gentle sheltered side of the point face

Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

Emu Point, Albany

s Oyster Harbour and caters for small children while the other side, Middleton Beach promises more adventure in the surf for the older kids.  All is within walking distance.  My most favourite pastime is sitting under the shade of a peppermint tree with a zephyr of a breeze in my hair watching everyone relaxing, some tidying their tent, some rigging up their fishing gear, kids riding their bikes, others heading out for the day with their four wheel drives. The crickets are chirping and the gentle waves lap over the dune every night lulling me into a deep slumber each night I am here. This is my South Coast of Western Australia.

2 thoughts on “Girt by Sea: South Coast of Western Australia

  1. Rosalind

    Great story Adrianne :).

    Being from the East Coast of Australia, it took me 56 years to finally discover the delights of Perth, I was blown away by the beauty of the city and the gorgeous blue of the ocean. Thank you for giving me a more dream destinations to discover in Beautiful Western Australia.


    1. Wogolin Post author

      Thanks Ros. I’m glad you finally discovered my gorgeous ‘backyard’ and received some inspiration on being back in the West soon!


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